Founded on the idea that jewelry is more than just an accessory, bySOSSIE jewelry is designed to become an extension of the wearer and to empower self-expression. Your jewelry is your story. Each piece marking a special moment in your life. Deeply symbolic and personal, it’s a simple way to define your style.


Los Angeles-based designer Sossie has always had a natural passion for jewelry as she learned the craft from her father who has been a master jeweler for over 50 years. The time finally came to share her own creative vision. It is the realization of a dream to establish a fine jewelry company. Sossie designs a variety of unique and contemporary pieces. Her modern twists on classic designs translate into beautiful and wearable everyday jewelry that tell a compelling story and allow wearers to develop their own style and express their individuality.

bySOSSIE jewelry is manufactured and hand finished in Los Angeles, California. Each piece of jewelry is made using the highest quality materials and finest craftsmanship.

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